Taking a Vacation From Weekday Breakfast

On vacation in Virginia earlier this Autumn, we stayed at a very nice resort with a full kitchen. Vacationing with a full kitchen, equipped with a garbage disposal and a dishwasher, is a MUST for anyone who loves to cook.

Vacation brings out the leisurely breakfast eater in me… and my Family. During the week, there is such a hustle and bustle to get out of the door and get to work that each minute carries a high premium. There is no time for lingering at the breakfast table and hardly enough time to eat a bowl of cereal. Grab coffee, snatch toast from oven, and make a mad dash out of the door while trying to remember if you have your keys, purse, and phone. However, on vacation, all of that seems like a lifetime away.

On vacation, there is time for Almond-Crusted Challah French Toast with real Maple Syrup. Not only is there time to make it… but also there is time to sit and enjoy it with Family. French Toast made with Challah bread is more decadent that regular bread. Allowed to dry out over night, slices of Challah bread will soak up the egg-milk custard just nicely rendering a crisp exterior and a tender, delicate interior.


1 med loaf Challah Bread
6 large eggs, beaten
1 ½ c unsweetened soymilk, almond milk, rice milk, or dairy milk
1 t pure vanilla extract
½ t cinnamon
½ t kosher salt
2 c sliced almonds
Unsalted Butter, as needed
Warm Maple Syrup, as needed
Powdered sugar, optional

My Method:

Starting the night before, cut the loaf of Challah bread in half and cut four 1” thick slices from each halve starting from the middle of the loaf; freeze the end pieces and reserve for another use (suggestion: individual bread puddings)

Lay the slices out on plate on the counter to dry out; this will help the bread absorb the soaking liquid much better

The morning of, preheat oven to 200-degrees; set up a sheet pan with a oven rack on top, set in oven

Meanwhile, in a shallow dish combine beaten eggs, unsweetened soymilk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and kosher salt to make an egg-custard

On a plate, sprinkle almonds slices in a thin layer

Heat a large skillet over medium heat; melt 1 T of unsalted butter in the pan, swirling to cover the entire bottom of the pan

Once butter is melted, dip two slices of Challah bread into the egg-milk mixture covering both sides; lay slices into the almond slices; and then into the skillet, almond side down

Cook for 4 – 6 minutes, until almonds are toasted; using a wide spatula, flip and cook other side for another 3 – 5 minutes

Transfer the slices to the rack in the oven to remain warm while cooking the remaining six slices, using unsalted butter as needed

Serve Almond-Crusted Challah French Toast w Warm Maple Syrup and Powdered Sugar, if desired

Since this is vacation and time is not of the essence, why not prepare some black-pepper bacon and soft scrambled eggs to serve alongside the French Toast.

For Black Pepper Bacon: Preheat oven to 400-degrees; lay thick bacon slices on a sheet pan and sprinkle liberally with fresh cracked medium-grind black pepper; cook in oven until crispy, about 12 – 14 minutes. Remove bacon from oven, transfer to paper towel lined plate. Reduce oven to 200-degrees and start preparing French Toast. Bacon can remain warm in the 200-degree oven while cooking the French Toast.

always in good T.A.S.T.E – cause you gottatastethis!


About tawannapatrice

...a native south floridian, i am an artisan baker, personal caterer, and sarcastic demented librarian chick who finds life unbearable without immersing yourself in your true passions…
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One Response to Taking a Vacation From Weekday Breakfast

  1. Rianne says:

    my personal favorite of the trip. Love it! love it!

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