Green Chile-Tomatillo Braised Pork Roast… welcome Fall!

So… after a lengthy hiatus for the summer, I have been fretting over which recipe would be the first out of the gate to share for the start of Fall.  Awww Fall… welcome back my cooler- weather, braise-loving, comforting-love, soup-slurping friend… welcome back.

First out of the gate is a winner – Green Chile-Tomatillo Braised Pork Roast.  I love the dish so much that I made this dish at the tail end of summer, though not quite at the tail, just because I envisioned making it for a Fall Sunday dinner party in which I would invite some of my favorite people over to indulge.  However, I could not wait – no, I could not.  Warming and comforting, Green Chile-Tomatillo Braised Pork combines the unctuous richness of pork with the savory sweetness of garlic and onions; the earthiness of cumin; the brightness of tomatillos, cilantro, and fresh lime juice; and the spiciness of jalapenos.  Control the spiciness of the dish by removing the jalapeno seeds and white membranes – leave them for more heat; remove half for medium heat; and all for a mild heat.  Simple boiled or steamed rice makes a nice partner to sop up all of the sauce of this dish; but I like creamy Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes… along with some pan-roasted vegetables.

This is a luxurious slow cooking dish, as most braises are, so plan to make this on a weekend that you can relax while this roast simmers, filling your home with aromas of delicious goodness.  You can also use a slow cooker or a pressure cooker, after first browning the roast.  The slow cooker will significantly increase the cooking time and the pressure cooker will significantly decrease the cooking time.  The straightforward method I used below is ample enough cooking time for the aromas to tease taste buds.

My Recipe:


1 – 4# pork shoulder roast, tied
4 – 5 large tomatillos, cut into quarters
2 medium yellow onions, peel and cut into quarters
1 bunch green onions, remove roots and cut into 2” pieces
1 bunch fresh cilantro (leaves and stems), roughly chopped, reserving 1 –2   Tbsp leaves for garnish
4 – 5 fresh jalapenos, remove stem and cut into quarters
5 – 6 garlic cloves, peel
2 tsp ground cumin
1 – 2 tsp dried oregano
3 Tbsp vegetable oil
6 – 7 c water or chicken stock, more if needed
  fresh lime juice, to taste
  kosher salt, to taste
  cracked black pepper, to taste
Rub pork roast with 1-2 Tablespoons of vegetable oil; season generously with kosher salt, cracked black pepper, and 1 teaspoon ground cumin; set aside
Heat a Dutch-oven, or any other large braising pot with a tight-fitting   lid, over medium-high heat; sear the outside of the pork roast on all sides to   get a rich brown color; remove from pan and set aside
In the same pot, add remaining vegetable oil, tomatillos,   yellow onions, green onions, jalapenos, and garlic cloves; sauté until   vegetables become soft and slightly browned; season with remaining cumin,   dried oregano, kosher salt,  and   cracked black pepper
Add pork roast back to the pan, cilantro, and enough water, or   chicken stock, to cover the vegetables and until it comes halfway up the pork   roast; bring pot to a boil; reduce heat to simmer; tightly cover pot and cook   for 1 hour; remove lid and turn roast over adjust liquid, if necessary; replace   lid; and continue braising until fork tender, approximately 1 ½ hours more

Remove roast from pot and set aside and keep warm; add limejuice   to vegetables and braising liquid; using an immersion  blender, puree the mixture until smooth
Taste and adjust seasoning
Simmer sauce for another 10 – 15 minutes to slightly thicken
Remove twine from roast and cut into slices; arrange on a   platter; cover with the green-chile tomatillo sauce; garnish with reserve cilantro leaves

Making the creamy Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes to serve with this dish is quick, easy, and simple.  Boil potatoes, peeled or unpeeled is a matter of preference; mash potatoes; substitute your best olive oil for the amount of butter you would normally use in mashed potatoes; and season with kosher salt and ground white pepper to taste.

The leftovers, if you have any, will make wonderful hot sandwiches stuffed into fresh baguettes or hoagie rolls to soak up the sauce, or even warm soft flour or corn tortillas for burritos, enchiladas, or taco – top with shredded cabbage, crumbled queso, diced tomato, and sliced red onions.

If pork is just not your choice of protein, this recipe and flavors work tremendously well with turkey legs and thighs.  The richness of the turkey meat stands up to the seasonings and is suited nicely for long, steamy braising.  Start with skinless turkey so that the caramlization from the browning remains in the pot to flavor the dish rather than tossed when the skin separates from the meat becoming soft and slimy during cooking.

Enjoy the start of Fall with a Green Chile-Tomatillo Braised Pork Roast centerpiece… and invite a few friends over who might be struggling with having to bid adieu to their summer grills right now.  A few bites in and they will embrace the change of seasons deliciously easy.

always in good T.A.S.T.E – cause you gottatastethis!


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...a native south floridian, i am an artisan baker, personal caterer, and sarcastic demented librarian chick who finds life unbearable without immersing yourself in your true passions…
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3 Responses to Green Chile-Tomatillo Braised Pork Roast… welcome Fall!

  1. Caroline Spinelli says:

    you write good articles and the food looks so delicious.

  2. Alicea says:

    Welcome back! Thank you for posting this. I saw the picture on FB and I could not wait for the recipe. It looks amazing!

  3. Thomas says:

    Looks good!

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