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Green Chile-Tomatillo Braised Pork Roast… welcome Fall!

So… after a lengthy hiatus for the summer, I have been fretting over which recipe would be the first out of the gate to share for the start of Fall.  Awww Fall… welcome back my cooler- weather, braise-loving, comforting-love, soup-slurping … Continue reading

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Arepas are the stuff of weekend lunches

By far, my best way to use leftover chicken or roasted vegetables is to make arepas and stuff the leftovers inside. Arepas are the stuff of Saturday lunches when I do not intend to leave the house. They are hand-held … Continue reading

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Slow Roasting Pork… doubles as an easy holiday meal.

Life has been a whirlwind of activity lately and though I thought the Autumn would usher in some major relaxation time, it is already November and we are still charging full speed into the holiday season. However, this does not … Continue reading

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Garden Grazing: Summer Edition – Pt III

This week, the plan is to till and turn the soil in the garden in preparation of giving our fall seedlings a place to grow, flourish, and produce tasty vegetables for the entire fall season. It is busy, hands-on work; … Continue reading

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Press Fast Forward to Fall…not so fast.

Somewhere near the end of each season, I start to grow tired of the season’s food and crave the foods of the upcoming season. Therefore, while my garden is still producing okra, eggplant, green beans, and fragrant opal and Genovese … Continue reading

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For Thomas C: Rubs are the ideal way to give tremendous flavor to the southern BBQ grill – be it ribs, chicken, fish, steak, or even slow smoking roast like beef briskets and pork butts. In fact, I personally think … Continue reading

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In the beginning…

… there was tawanna-patrice and God saw fit to extol two very special gifts upon her: cooking and writing.  And while she did not always think of these two gifts as special – because they came rather easy and seemed … Continue reading

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